Meet the Surreal Housewife of Marin

Boo Flannel plays different personalities of the Surreal Housewife of Marin. The different characters represent some of the Housewives we encounter in real life who inspire and promote social change, acceptance and love for music.

Patti Lumis

This Surreal Housewife of Marin spends her days tending to her family. She is almost neurotic about cleaning the house, scrubbing, dusting, washing and disinfecting with 100% natural products are some of her favorite activities.

Tammi Pious

Tammi is a very well known socialite around town who spends her day trying to save the planet and promoting social acceptance and change while getting her hair and nails done. She is developing a line of clothing made of earth friendly materials to be released soon.

Sequoia Redwood

She has attended nearly every Grateful Dead concert and lives true promoting the original message of peace and love to the world. Unfortunately she has smoked  and dropped a little more than the average housewife which makes her happy to be apart from the rest. .