The Bigger Mugs Club

The Bigger Mugs Club

Welcome. You have come to the page dedicated to the Bigger Mugs Club. For over 70 years this small town bar located in Sometown, USA has been a beacon of gay culture. Times are changing and our little bar is in financial trouble. The younger generation is much more accepted in regular bars and they have forgotten to support bars like this that fought so hard to keep gay culture alive during those harder times.

One of the club's regular is Stewart "Sticky" O'Reilly. He's been coming to this bar ever since hi was a young whipper snapper of 24. Now Sticky is older, bigger, hairier and an all around Bear. He has just found out that the Bigger Mugs Club is in trouble and it may close its doors forever.

Sticky has a new purpose in life and that is to save the Bigger Mugs Club so it can serve as a keepsake of classic gay culture. For this he will have to face many challenges. His biggest hurdle is trying to navigate the way to reach a younger crowd. He will have to learn about social media and promotion and this is no easy task for a man who still has a land line at home. He will need the help of all of the new people he meets on social media like you and his first facebook follower, the incomparable Boo Flannel.

Find out all the goings on in the bar and the saga of Sticky O'Reilly to save his beloved bar by following the blog and read the gang's profiles.

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