Meet Sticky O'Reilly

I am very happy to introduce you to Sticky O'Reilly. He lives in Sometown, USA where he spends much of his time sitting in a tired old gay bar interacting with his many friends. He is like many of us Bears and like many of us looking for love.

Sticky will be taking over much of this blog as a contributor. He has decided to double his efforts to save the Big Mug, the last of the gay bars in Sometown. That's why he has partnered up with Boo Flannel who has agreed to perform and bring his friends for an old fashion Bear Beer Bust as a fundraiser that can determine the bar's fate.

You too can help by watching and sharing his posts with all your friends.

#stickyorielly #booflannel #bears #gay #cabaret #song #music #BigMugBar #gaybar #fundraiser

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