What's an Otter? Do you know?

Who doesn't love a Bear? Now do you know all the different types of Bears and Wildlife in your community? Finally we have a Singer / Songwriter named Boo Flannel who has done his best to navigate this complicated and often misunderstood topic.

He has even agreed to share with us the lyrics to the song which I will share a link to in this article too.

Basically he tells us that although ALL are part of the Bear community, they also have categories that don't include the name Bear in it at all. See how it can get confusing?

It's much easier in his song and there is a fun PDF that he has put together with all the categories and pictures of the Bears so you can take it on the town to the bar and identify all the different kinds. As you would expect they are all sexy and dreamy to look at but what may surprise many is that Bears tend to be very happy, welcoming and kind to newcomers. All wildlife is welcome sort-of-speak.

Find Bear Guide download free here.

Find Lyrics to the song here.

At BooFlannel.com you can find more detailed information but the best advice I can give you is to download the song on the link above. It's much more fun learning while listening to the song. The song is also available in all the usual platforms like Google music, Spotify, Itunes, etc.

Boo Flannel also has a YouTube page where you can find some of the latest songs and music he has published for all of us to enjoy. As with most of his work the themes that run through it are gay in nature, Bear related, funny and very enjoyable.

If you like cabaret style music you are going to love his new album titled Bear Bar Songs. This track What's an Otter? is included in that extended play.

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