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What's an Otter?

Boo Flannel's - Bear Bar Songs Album

Do you fit in a category? Are you a bear or an otter? Are you a Fox or a Goldie Locks? Listen to this hilarious song about Bear Culture.

Slim Pickins

Boo Flannel's - Bear Bar Songs Album

This is a funny song inspired by long lonely nights at the bar trying to find love or at least a little something. It is a great tune to sing in Cabarets.

First Flag on the Moon

Boo Flannel's - Bear Bar Songs Album

I hope you enjoy this song about a Bear Top who refuses to share his toys. This is the guy that we all know who has to hook up with anyone new to the group. You can't imagine how this all started. Boo Flannel tells you the story.

Bear Beer Bust

Boo Flannel's - Bear Bar Songs Album

Join Boo Flannel and the other Bears at the bar for a fun day.Some say it's about pups and lappin' up yellow liquid, but if you've been to a beer bust, you'll know exactly what he's singing about. Or do you?

Grin and Bear it!

Boo Flannel's - Bear Bar Songs Album

Play this song for anyone who tries to put you down for not fitting in. Boo Flannel gives a fun filled shout out to being yourself in a crowd.

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