About Boo Flannel

“Like body hair the music grows on you. It's a theatrical treasure".// Roger Brigham - The Edge SF

Like many kids that grew up on Long Island, Broadway cast a long shadow on the town of Massapequa.

The youngest of a big Irish Catholic family, Christopher Lyon AKA Boo Flannel, was born with a tune in his head. In a house filled with love, music, and laughter, he discovered his vocation as a songwriter of witty pop tunes.

Mr. Flannel’s childhood was colored with the fanciful poetry of Shel Silverstein. Heavy metal was the soundtrack to his rebellious teenage years. And the ever changing, all-encompassing music of the Grateful Dead has kept Boo inspired well into his adulthood.

These seemingly disparate musical influences come together and find expression in the irreverent lyrics and rock based Broadway music of Boo Flannel’s current repertoire.

You can hear bits of Cole Porter and Judas Priest in the score for Big Dipper, a successful cabaret infused homage to the Gay Bear lifestyle. Boo served as composer, librettist, and producer for this ground breaking show which garnered glowing reviews and standing ovations when it premiered in San Francisco in 2008.

Gay and Straight audiences enjoy his unique brand of comedy which is largely based on his own experiences as a Gay Bear.

Boo Flannel’s greatest joy is capturing the spirit of a person, a feeling, or a moment in time.  Let him provide that service for you. We all need our own soundtrack. Let that tune play.